Volkmann’s Biodynamic Rice is produced without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or preservatives. The landscape is a key point for biodiversity and production balance.

To assist nature in producing healthy foods we apply biodynamic preparations. These preparations are made from crystals and medicinal plants. In this way the plants fulfill your function and it reverts back to human.

The rice is still stored with the hulls in a temperature and humidity control, eliminating the use of insecticides.

Through the conscious consumption and choosing organic food, you get a healthy product and contributes to the environment and to society.


The rice is the main product of our work, certified since October 1999 by the Biodynamic Institute (IBD), DEMETER standards, recognized worldwide. We also obtained the certifications USDA Organic, EU, and “Orgânico Brasil”.

Exclusive rice processing is done in our own mill.

From February 2002, 1 kg packs began to be vacuum packed, one way to control the rancidification and the rice weevils that naturally occurs in grains not treated chemically. Vacuum packing preserves the grain and keep the quality of the product.


We sell short-grain varieties, long and thin, red and black, integrals, polished, flour and roasted bran. In bulk and vacuum packaging.


Information and orders:

Telefone: +55 (51) 3869-1969