Biodynamic preparations were developed by Rudolf Steiner, based on Anthroposophy, before and during the course of agriculture in 1924. Steiner claims that “composting is to vivify the Earth” and based on this statement the biodynamic preparations are mediators between the Earth and the cosmos, helping the plants in the following task: be organs of perception of the Earth.

They are (mostly) medicinal plants subjected to special processes of fermentation in indoor environments that only man can provide, generating compounds that aren’t normally found in nature. From there, we also understand the true cultural role of the human being as modifier of the agricultural environment in a rhythmic and subtle scope, acting as sower of new perspectives for planetary continuity.

Biodynamic preparations may be considered as homeopathic remedies, considering the natural substances used, vitalization processes and its performance. They can be divided into two groups: those that are sprayed on the soil and plants and those who are inoculated in composts or other organic fertilizers such as bio-fertilizers and manure.

Horn-manure preparation (500) – applied to soil and roots, providing higher biological activity and vitality, favoring the development of the plants and symbiosis relations. This preparation must be dynamized for 1 hour and sprinkled on the ground at dusk. Required amount to 1 ha: 100g performed in 60l of water.

Horn-silica preparation (501) – acts by bringing forces from the cosmic periphery and intensifying the action of sunlight. This preparation is essential for the internal structuring of plants and their development as well, nutritional quality and disease resistance. This preparation should be dynamized for one hour and sprinkled on the plants at dawn. Quantity required for 1 ha: 4g dynamized in 60l of water.

Composting preparations – The six preparations made from medicinal plants – milfoil (502), chamomile (503), nettle (504), oak bark (505), dandelion (506) and valerian (507) – serve as a supplement to the compound, manure and biofertilizer, conducting and organizing fermentation and decomposition processes. Through the compound prepared, the plants have a better condition to absorb the forces of Cosmos.

Dynamization – is a rhythmic movement that transfers energy (contained in the preparations) directly to the water. Make a circular movement to create a vortex / funnel, and thus reverse the direction of the movement undoing this order and creating a chaos. This procedure generates greater contact between the water and preparation molecules, which will allow better energy permeation in the water. This is a movement of order and chaos, is an imitation of life processes, so it’s an essential movement.

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